Koster’s Primary Picks

As I fill am filling out my ballot this year I see so many qualified candidates not just in my 39th Legislative District, but in Snohomish County and the State. 

These candidates are the best choices for liberty-minded voters and are my primary picks:

State Wide Races:

Bill Bryant:      Governor 
Phillip Yin:       Lt. Governor- YIN IT TO WIN IT, 
Kim Wyman:    Secretary of State
Michael Waite: State Treasurer 
Chris Vance:     U.S. Senate

Candidates for Washington State Supreme Court

Superior Court Judge         Dave Larson
Kittitas County Prosecutor  Greg Zempel
Gonzaga Law Professor      David DeWolf


Snohomish County Races:

Dan Kristiansen:   State Representative 39th District, Pos 1 (Future Majority Leader)
John Koster (ME): State Representative 39th District, Pos 2
Kirk Pearson:        State Senator 39th District
Barbara Bailey:     State Senator 10th District
Norma Smith:        State Representative 10th District, Pos 1
Dave Hays:            State Representative 10th District, Pos 2

Janice Huxford:     State Representative 44th District, Pos 1
Mark Harmsworth: State Representative 44th District, Pos 2
Sam Low:                 Snohomish County Council District 5

Mindi Wirth:           State Senator 1st District