Fix a Broken Transportation System

John Koster served as our State Representative in the mid-1990s, and worked to plan and to fund projects to reduce traffic jams. But 20 years later, those bottlenecks still aren’t fixed!

Instead, politicians spend more and more on mass transit that costs too much and too few people use, while ignoring the rising commute times. Many people in our district travel over an hour to work, each way.

With one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, we should be getting more for our money. That’s why John Koster will hold Olympia accountable for the transportation money we give them.

The Senate firing of the Governor’s Transportation Secretary was a good start. After building ferry boats that list sideways, leaking pontoons on the 520 bridge, an I-405 $10 tolling disaster, and the constant problems with Bertha on the Seattle tunnel project, we needed new leadership…and hopefully we will get it.

After spending two terms as a County Councilman, working with members of both parties for real results for everyday people, John will go to Olympia looking for results that will reduce traffic, and get commuters and freight moving again.